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Commissioning 3

We help Developers to safely and efficiently energise their Wind Farm by providing highly skilled engineering staff, coupled with expert project management and accurate data management systems.

The issue

Commissioning a wind farm has the potential to become very chaotic very quickly.  With multiple contractors on site, working to different processes, it is essential that someone is taking a birds eye view, knitting together the interfaces to ensure safety is maintained and key information isn’t lost.  This kind of oversight is essential to hitting project deadlines.

 Why EDS?

EDS ensure that all pieces of the jigsaw fit seamlessly together.  We are your eyes and ears on site, bringing years of experience to the table to provide assurance of safe energisation.  We have designed our service to ensure that the commissioning process is smooth and well planned, rather than a headache to be endured.  We bring highly skilled and experienced people, with a resource strategy that we can flex up and down depending on your need.  We also bring together and oversee different contractors, providing strong leadership for the duration.  Handover to O&M is seamless, with an assurance of no corners cut and no short cuts taken. We even provide onsite training for your personnel to give you peace of mind as you move into O&M.   The legacy of our work is assurance of a site commissioned to the highest quality, with all documentation captured so that even years down the line, you’ll not be left scratching your head for pertinent information.

 Commissioning can be split into two distinct elements:

  1. High voltage safety management - We implement the EDS high voltage safe system of work (safety rules), tailored to your project needs, and send a project team to manage the energisation of the wind farm. This is all supported by the EDS high voltage control centre, from where safety operations are co-ordinated and the HV system is monitored 24/7.  
  2.  High voltage commissioning management – Our project team support you with commissioning management, providing oversite of the installation and commissioning practices of contractors, signing off commissioning documentation, capturing information critical to project completion and handover.


Service capabilities:

 Note: these can be configured to according to your project needs

·       Owners engineer:

    • Commissioning Management
    • Factory Acceptance Testing
    • Commissioning client reps at each project phase
    • HV system design reviews

·       HV Safe System of work:

    • HV Safety Rules – branded and tailored to your requirements.
    • SAP, CP and Persons training courses
    • Management of authorisation database for all site 3rd party personnel

·       Operational Engineers:

    • Fully authorised SAPS, APs, CPS in line with project needs.
    • Lead Commissioning manager, Lead HV safety manager

·       Control Centre Services:

    • 24/7 remote alarm monitoring supported by fast site response.
    • Fully authorised HV control support, driving co-ordination of all site switching activities.


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