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Robin Rigg

Fault Management


 Robin Rigg wind farm is located in the Solway Firth on the Scottish side of the Scottish/English Border. One of the first major offshore windfarms in the UK, it consists of 60 turbines that produce enough energy to power nearly 120,000 homes.



From the first fault & emergency call, EDS were able to mobilise a team of experts and get to site within 12 hours.  Initially offshore access to the substation platform wasn’t available due to poor weather, but as soon as they were able to get out, EDS quickly located the fault using their innovative new fault finding equipment in addition to traditional fault location methods.   


Delighted to showcase their turnkey solution, EDS planned the job from start to finish in close liaison and with the consent of Transmission Capital (the OFTO) and E.on the owner of Robin Rigg Offshore Windfarm. After finding the fault they were able to excavate the area, source the materials quickly (an almost impossible task, but helped by the fact that EDS have excellent relationships with their suppliers), plan and carry out the repair, and then test before re-energisation. Remarkably, all this took place in just 12 days, despite the first 2 days being lost to poor offshore weather, and atrocious wet weather conditions for the rest of the time.  

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