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Offshore Windfarm


Lincs Offshore Windfarm is situated 8km off the east coast of England.
Consisting of 75 turbines, it was officially opened in 2013. 


EDS were once again selected on the basis of cost, competency and reputation
to provide the skilled Engineers to carry out the termination and testing of the 132kV
export cable on the OSP at this site. As a result of this work being carried out on
time and to budget, and as recognition of the dedication and experience of the people
involved, EDS was then invited to submit documentation to complete a string of turbines
to termination and testing level. This was required on an urgent basis as time was in
very short supply and the project, already running late was at risk of not hitting the
'turn on' date. We submitted the bid and were once again chosen as the partners
of choice for the task. The task was completed in the timescale submitted and as
a result of EDS intervention the 'turn on' date was achieved. our performance was
described as 'exemplary' and our approach as 'prompt, accurate and succinct'.

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