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Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Project

Termination & Testing

EDSHV Group choosen by VBMS to carry out cable termination and testing at Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstration Project


Blyth Offshore Demonstrator wind farm (BOD), located 5.7km off the North East coast currently comprises of 5 turbines, although it has consent for up to 15 turbines when fully constructed.

The BOD project has enabled owner and developer, EDF Renewables UK, to trial new technology and it is the first offshore wind farm to be built upon gravity-based foundations. Importantly, BOD is also the first offshore wind farm to use a 66kV cabling system. This is a critical development for the industry which will lead to more cost-effective power collection and transmission to shore, as well as being a crucial development in the push to continuously reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE).


EDS’s Involvement

EDS were chosen by VBMS (now Boskalis) to carry out cable termination and testing at the EDF Energy Renewables (EDF ER) Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstration Project in Northumberland.

As the first in the industry to use 66kV cabling, use of this higher voltage required a much higher skill set and an experienced company such as EDS were the obvious partner.

EDS were able to provide the necessary expertise to complete 66kV terminations and testing on all 5 assets, along with fibre optic termination and testing. 

Ken Ritson, group managing director of EDS said:

“EDS was delighted to be chosen to assist EDF Renewables UK in the commissioning of this landmark project. We believe that 66kV will quickly become the industry norm and we are pleased to offer the necessary level of competence and experience required to manage this change within the industry.”


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