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Meet The Team - Sebastian Scorrer

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Sebastian Scorrer, but I go by Seb.  I am based in Havant, near Portsmouth on the South Coast of England. I studied Geology for my Degree and was lucky enough to complete a Research Masters in Newfoundland Canada, which is a beautiful place if you enjoy the outdoors. Studying there was perfect for me, as being outdoors is definitely a daily must.  I have always enjoyed nature, ever since I was a kid.

This love for nature has definitely influenced my relatively recent interest in sustainability – I try to do as much as I can to be as eco-friendly as possible, avoiding single use plastics, using reuseable shopping bags, buying what I can from the local zero waste store etc. – but you can’t try to be perfect, it is all about just trying your best to do your bit (I am also always open to new tips and tricks)!

I enjoy most sports but am a master of none.  Football is my main sport.  I love playing in goal with my mates. I am a very active person and need to be kept busy.  I have recently joined the gym and have been teaching myself to play guitar (I am slowly getting there, but it`s all good fun). 


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I grew up in South Wales and we would often go fossil collecting at some of the local beaches. To this day, my parents still joke about me saying I was going to become a fossil hunter and use my younger brothers to hold my bucket!


Does your job resemble that in any way?

Pretty much spot on I would say, except I’m now searching for opportunities for EDS HV in new markets. Although, as I am so new to the industry, I am probably more like the one holding the bucket at the moment.


As if you were explaining it to a complete stranger, what do you actually do at EDS HV?

I have been heavily involved with the Strategy Team, carrying out analysis of various offshore wind markets around the world, so manipulating a lot of data on many excel spreadsheets. I am also looking at reviewing and restructuring various processes in the sales and tendering departments. 


How did you get into it?

I was very lucky actually as I transitioned from another James Fisher Operating Company. This is one of the many positives of working for James Fisher, there can be opportunities to transition over to other Operating Companies and experience new industries.  When the opportunity to work in the renewables industry arose, I made the leap. 


What do you love most about your job?

Going to badger on about sustainability again here, sorry! What I love most is that EDS HV are contributing massively to the production of green energy. As mentioned, I am doing my best in my personal life to live sustainabily, but now I get great satisfaction knowing that I am also doing my bit by working in the renewable energy industry too.


What have you enjoyed the most since starting your role?

I was lucky enough to attend ReneawableUK’s Global Offshore Wind 2021 conference at the end of September this year. It was great to be fully immersed in the industry and learn so much from the speakers and exhibitors. It was also great to meet up with the EDS HV team and wider James Fisher Renewables team in person, as since I started, it has all been via Teams. 


Name one attribute you need the most, to do your job?

Adaptability, no two days are the same at the moment! 


What are you looking forward to getting involved in over the next 12 months?

Just getting involved with as much as possible within EDS HV and learning as much as I can from the fantastic team we have here. And of course, doing my bit to help the business grow. I also am looking forward to getting involved in EDS’s Environmental Working Group, as they are working on some great initiatives and I would like to get involved as much as possible moving forward. 


How would someone entering the industry go about doing so and / or what advice would you offer anyone entering the industry?

The best tip I can give is looking more broadly and taking any advice and opportunity in the direction you want to follow. And most importantly taking your chance when it arises.  Be brave enough to try new things, even if it is outside of your comfort zone.



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