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Meet Our New Recruit - Conor McGrattan

Conor McGrattan EDS

Another fantastic and talented person has joined our team.  Meet Conor, a Business Management Graduate from Queens University Belfast, who has recently returned home from a year living in Sydney, Australia and has joined EDS as a Surveillance Officer. 

Here we get to know Conor a bit better.

Why Renewables?

Working in renewables offers me the chance to be part of an exciting, diverse and growing industry. The UK is increasingly relying on dependable renewable energy sources, and at this critical time the industry offers enormous growth potential for me personally and I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

Why EDS?

Having spent the last year travelling and experiencing the world, it was time to start my career when I arrived home. EDS offered me the perfect platform for this. EDS is an ambitious and forward thinking company, which matches well with my ambition and goals.  They give me the opportunity to work in many different areas and expand my skills. This is important to me given I’m in the early stages of my career and there is also plenty of scope for me to progress within EDS, which is great and motivating.  

What kind of things are you involved with?

I’m working in the EDS Control Centre. It’s been great to work so close to many members of senior management and tap into their vast knowledge, learning directly from them.  I’m part of the implementation team for a new CRM system.  This is proving to be a very interesting project which will contribute to the company’s drive for continuous improvement.  Another area I’ve been working on is energy trading and learning about demand reduction. I’ve also been alarm monitoring for the biggest onshore wind farm in England and Wales.

My involvement in such a wide range of things has been a fantastic learning experience for me and a great introduction to the industry.

In your spare time?

I’d say I’m a happy and outgoing person with a passion for exploring and seeing new things. Travel has played a big part in my life so far, having seen a lot of Europe, Asia and Australia. This has certainly influenced my personality and helped me develop as a person. Quite often I’ll spend my days off on small trips around Europe.  My favourite place I’ve visited so far would have to be Plitviče Lakes, Croatia. It’s hard to put into words just how beautiful this area is and the memories of watching the sunset over the waterfalls will stick with me forever. If you haven’t been, go! 

I also have a passion for sports and keeping active. I enjoy a variety sports and the competitive nature involved. Having grown up around sports my entire life, Football, Rugby and Basketball are my three favourites.

Date: 09/02/2017
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