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David Orr To Oversee Team Completing High Voltage Network Commissioning And Safety Management At Kriegers Flak And Vesterhav Syd

EDS HV Group have secured two new contracts with Vattenfall for high voltage network commissioning and safety management at three wind farms; Kriegers Flak, Vesterhav Syd and Vesterhav Nord. Following the success of previous projects for Vattenfall, including Aberdeen Bay and Horns Rev 3 amongst others, EDS HV Group were asked directly to deliver these projects. EDS HV Group will also be offering full management of all Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs) on-site at all three wind farms. In addition to the commissioning scope, EDS HV Group will also be offering full High Voltage safety management. Work commenced in June 2020, with Kriegers Flak scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2021 at the latest, and Vesterhav Syd & Vesterhav Nord scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2023 at the latest.



David Orr, Operations Manager, EDS HV Group said:


“It’s a rarity in our industry for a contract to be directly awarded but it is testament to the good relationship we have with Vattenfall and their confidence in us. We’re on the critical path of getting the wind farm energised and commissioned and if that’s delayed by even one or two days this can incur huge costs. I believe we offer a commissioning service over and above everyone else in the industry, we bring in experienced SAPs, we bring in HV engineers, we manage the whole process end to end across the HV grid from the first energization of turbines to offshore substations getting the wind farm operational quickly and safely. It means the responsibility is on us and the commissioning manager is reducing risk by having us in their corner. It’s why Vattenfall turned to us for this work. We’ve delivered for them before and we will do it again.”


The 605 MW Kriegers Flak project will be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm and is located in the Baltic sea. It will become a part of the new 400 MW interconnector between Denmark and Germany, with a capacity to cover the annual electricity consumption of approximately 600,000 Danish households.  Kriegers Flak will see the construction of 72 turbines in total, with a height of up to 188 metres, weighing up to 800 tonnes each.


Morten Jochimsen, Commissioning Manager, Vattenfall said:


“The good relationship Vattenfall have had with EDS over the last couple of projects was key when deciding to continue with them on our next three Danish wind farms. The support and guidance from EDS has really been valuable for Vattenfall in Commissioning our wind farms safely. The service we receive from EDS is hard to find anywhere else in the industry and the fact that they can supply the “whole” package and be flexible, both regarding electrical safety and commissioning, has really been a key factor for Vattenfall in choosing EDS to supply us with SAPs for Kriegers Flak and the Vesterhav Projects.”


Also sitting off the coast of Denmark, Vesterhav Syd & Vesterhav Nord are 344 MW projects, which will provide energy for Danish households as well as actively supporting the supply of electricity to the grid in the West Jutland region, making them the first of their kind. They are also set to become Denmark’s most efficient wind farms to date, increasing Danish electricity generation from wind turbines by more than 10 per cent, making a significant contribution to the country`s green transition.

Ryan Henderson, Managing Director of EDS HV Group added:


“Experienced SAPs can be hard to get hold of, so having an extensive pool of SAPs means that we can get people on site quickly.  Combining that with superb project management means that we can be agile and adapt to the project schedule, helping the commissioning managers to avoid delays, avoid penalties, and ultimately bring an asset online and get it generating energy and income. Vattenfall can rely on EDS, it’s why they trust us with such a critical phase of the wind farm lifecycle.”


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