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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day everyone! We’d like to take this moment to reflect on our own commitments to reducing our carbon footprint, so that generations to come can continue to enjoy the wonderful planet we live on and all it has to offer.

As a high voltage engineering company in the wind energy sector EDS HV is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to Renewable energy generation, paving the way for the shift to clean energy. However, it is also our responsibility not to be complacent, but to look at all the other ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and encourage everyone within the company to do so on a more personal level.

We’d therefore like to encourage everyone at EDS and beyond to make a personal commitment to reducing their own personal carbon footprint and suggest a few ideas to help you get started!


1. Cycle to work or lift share with a colleague

In 2017 the total greenhouse gas emissions in the UK was estimated to be around 460 metric tonnes, with around 124 metric tonnes being emitted as a direct result of transport alone. With many people in one office often travelling from the same area or from a similar direction, carpooling and cycling are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. By simply taking turns to carpool with a colleague you could not only reduce your carbon footprint significantly, but also save a huge amount of money in fuel costs and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle by travelling less miles. Or for those looking to also improve or simply maintain their health, cycling is a great way to burn calories on your commute, and lets face it we’re not burning many sitting at our desks for the 8 hours or more we spend in the office.


2. Use a re-usable water bottle

With water tanks in most offices, another huge source of unnecessary waste is the ridiculously small, disposable plastic or polystyrene cups on the side of most water tanks. By making the switch to a re-usable water bottle you can not only reduce your waste, but also save on countless trips to the water tank just to get a measly couple of sips of water.


3. Switch off lights

With the evenings now getting longer it’s no longer necessary to have all the lights on all the time. By simply making sure to only have the lights on that are needed and turning off all the lights if you’re the last to leave the office you can reduce energy consumption significantly.


4. Skype meetings

With EDS and James-Fisher being spread right across the UK, over the course of a year we can rack up a lot of air miles travelling to and from meetings. Often it is necessary for these meetings to take place in person, but much of the time a Skype meeting can help not only reduce emissions, but also save a lot of time spent travelling. Imagine telling someone 20 years ago that you’d be able to be present at multiple meetings taking place across multiple countries or even continents in a single day!


5. Order office supplies in bulk

Last but not least, another nice and simple but often overlooked way to help reduce waste is to regularly order all your office supplies you think you’ll need in one go. By shipping items together less packaging will be used, meaning less waste ending up in our oceans, and less air miles being used in the delivery of your orders.



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