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Dave Stuart - Meet the Team

What first interested you about electrical work?

From a very early age I’ve always been fascinated by electricity its many applications. When I did physics in school I learned how it was generated, what it is made up from and the ways in which it can be used. This just made me more interested in wanting to have a career in this industry.  

Why did you start an apprenticeship?

I originally wanted to have a job in electronics and applied to companies like Ferrantis (Siemens) but had no luck in getting an apprenticeship as there were many applicants chasing these. Luckily, I managed to get on a Government supported scheme called the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) with the local DNO company, NORWEB. 

How did you progress through the ranks?  

I did a 1-year YTS apprenticeship which was identical to and ran alongside NORWEB’s apprenticeship programme. After completing this I was offered a full time 3-year apprenticeship and did onsite training with NORWEB jointers as well as attending Technical College. After completing my Apprenticeship, I was authorised to work on Live LV Cables and Dead HV Cables up to 11kV.

After a couple of years, I was involved in LV Fault Locating and Repairs, being LV Authorised to work in substations pulling fuses on LV Panels.   I was given an opportunity to become a foreman at the age of 27, running teams of jointers and ground workers on new builds. I left when I was 29 and got involved in 3phase metering for a few years and further cable jointing.

Why Renewables? 

I joined Ken Ritson, EDS co-founder back in 2005 as and was trained up to carry out 33kV terminations on the first offshore project at Rhyl Flats. This was a new area of work that interested me, and although it was quite small when I joined, I could see that it was an expanding industry which was (and still is) getting stronger every year.

How have you progressed through EDS and the renewables sector?

I’ve learned a lot since joining EDS as I’m now qualified up to 132kV and also trained to locate cable faults quickly and efficiently for our client.  I am trained in the use of TDR, IR, VLF and HV Bridge Testing as well as LIRA and PD testing.  

This breadth of training means that we can offer clients solutions to problems that they may not have thought could happen and assist them in mitigating cable failures in the future.

What makes EDS stand out within the industry?

EDS work to very high standards which should be the industry norm. We undertake continuing professional development to ensure that we are always trained to the highest level and up to date with the latest technologies.  There are some excellent qualified HV Jointers who are doing very good work in this industry, however the number of cable and termination failures that we have been called out to indicates that there is still work to do in raising the standards within the industry.  

What’s next? 

I would like to progress up to an SAP or AP as I see this as another level to which I can bring my jointing knowledge. I’d also like to get a training qualification so that I can assist the younger generation to get into the industry. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

At the moment I don’t get very much free time as I’m being kept too busy going to different jobs up and down the country on windfarms. I like going for a ride on my motorbike when I can, and I used to do Track Days on my race bike and I hope to get back to that in the future.

Other than that my other passion is a PS4……need I say more…..I’ve always been into gaming since I owned a Spectrum back in the 80s!


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