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Our commitment is to help you to deliver the highest standards in safety at site level.

 EDS HV don’t believe in off the shelf, instead we champion industry best practice by developing and implementing Safety Rules and Procedures that address your specific needs. To achieve this EDS HV offer comprehensive safety audits including safety document and switching log reviews.

EDS HV believe that knowledge is something that must be shared, particularly where safety is concerned, training and empowerment is central to our approach. Our clients appreciate the bespoke content of our courses, and EDS HV SAP or AP training is second to none, making sure your team can manage your network with confidence. Or if you prefer, EDS HV can supply our own highly competent SAPs who have been trained and assessed under UK Distribution Network Operator or National Grid Safety Rules and are fully conversant with most types of high and medium voltage switchgear.

EDS Control Centre

At the EDS HV Control Centre we coordinate activities necessary to achieve ‘safety from the system’, in conjunction with our network of site SAPs. EDS HV have a team of fully authorised and experienced control engineers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At EDS HV we conduct our control operations in a state of the art facility, equipped with the latest secure IT infrastructure.


The effective management of HV safety on any system relies upon accurate and up to date information, such as  switching programs, safety documents, points of isolation, authorisation records and more. ControlPoint is a software solution that will ensure all this critical information is captured and managed. At EDS HV we can fully code a real time single line diagram to capture points of isolation, locations of safety documents and records of switching operations. Furthermore, you will have full visibility of all HV operations at a site level by accessing our ControlPoint servers remotely.  This will ensure a comprehensive audit trail of all High Voltage works. EDS HV believe that this offers the client a solution unparalleled within the industry.

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HV Safety

Our commitment is to help you to deliver the highest standards in safety at site level.

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