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There has never been a more exciting time to join the fast paced and dynamic Renewables industry


Who we are

EDS HV Group was born in 1993 and we began our offshore adventure back in 2008 when we worked at one of the first wind farms, Rhyl Flats.  Since then, a lot has changed.

We have transformed from a jointing company to a high voltage service provider, we have doubled the size of our control centre in Belfast, we joined the James Fisher and Sons plc family and we have gone global, working on some amazing projects around the world!  

EDS is part of James Fisher Renewables, who provides comprehensive and trusted offshore renewable solutions dedicated to the technical and operational aspects of construction preparation, installation, and specialist operation and maintenance.  Globally, our expertise has supported the construction and development of over 17GW of offshore wind installed capacity in under 14 years.  With owners and operators racing to meet the world’s changing energy mix, we are a proven solutions provider of choice through our global reach and local presence, capability, assets, and people to deliver.

But after almost 20 years in the wind industry, one thing remains the same...we always have and always will do whatever we can to ensure that wind energy does not go to waste.  


What we do

From design through to installation, testing and maintenance, commissioning and operations, it’s no easy feat keeping those high voltage windfarms turning, but it is what we do and it is what we do best.  

We are proud to work in renewables, to be part of the green industrial revolution and to say that 5GW of renewable energy is managed through our control centre.  We are working hard to deliver clean energy, to help stay at the forefront of global innovation and provide new opportunities whilst working tirelessly towards zero emissions. 

Everything we do is designed to get our clients connected and keep them connected to the grid.


Our amazing team

At the heart of EDS HV Group are our people.  A team of inspiring, talented and motivated individuals.  People who understand the needs of our customers and will question the conventional to overcome any challenge. Amazing individuals who are dedicated to making sure EDS HV Group continues to contribute to the growing Offshore Wind Market and help achieve Net Zero.

And our experienced colleagues love nothing more than to share their skills and learnings with our new recruits, ensuring a wealth of knowledge is passed from generation to generation, which is what helps our team to learn and grow.


We will support you

At EDS HV Group, we want to ensure that we continue to change for the better in this ever-evolving industry.

Our team include some of the brightest minds in the industry and we work hard to make sure we stay ahead of the game.  Our people are helping change the world in which we live and we feel it only right to repay them with competitive salaries, amongst other benefits.

We open doors and provide opportunities to make a difference to the renewable industry and to your career, and one of the many ways in which we do this is through our partnership with Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

The partnership provides our operational staff and engineers with a development pathway and the support and mentoring required to work towards professional registration and career development.

Whatever you career goals and aspirations, we will support you every step of the way, helping you to meet your full potential. 


We need you

To keep our well-oiled ‘company’ machine turning and to ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding service to our clients, we need more amazing people! Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Officers, we need them all.

So if you fancy working in renewables and contributing to the growing offshore wind market, join us on our journey. 

To see our current vacancies search `EDS` in the Group Companies drop down here - Vacancies