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If something goes wrong, the cost to the business and damage to your reputation can be catastrophic.

Cable Faults. A hot topic right now which has left the industry with a huge challenge.

During these recent challenging times  EDS have been at the forefront of turning around repairs in record time. We have taken a leading role in export cable fault location and repair.  By also managing safety from the system for the repair works, EDS are promoting a full turnkey solution to get your network back online.

We offer: 

Cable Integrity Solutions

We have joined forces with our partners VBMS to offer the market Cable Integrity Solutions, helping you to prepare to repair should a cable fault occur.  By choosing our solutions we estimate that your cable repair could be completed up to 70% faster.  

Watch the video here

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 Post Failure:

 We can provide an independent technical report, which includes a forensic breakdown, helping you to establish the origin of the fault. We have a proven track record and are experts in Post Failure Analysis. We carry out a full and thorough analysis, sharing with you lessons learnt and leaving you with a comprehensive report for your insurers and other important stakeholders. Most importantly, our expertise helps you to understand what went wrong and minimise the chances of it happening again.

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