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We don’t need to tell you that managing an electricity network requires a strategic approach to minimise risk .

Asset Management 

We take a holistic and pragmatic approach with Asset Management. We will offer you a fully developed Asset Management package that’s consistent with electricity industry best practice using a range of innovative techniques. To support this, and in conjunction with the expert engineering judgement of our specialist asset engineers, we use InsightPro™. This is a bespoke software application developed by EDS which specifically deals with all aspects of effective Asset Management; from the collection of inspection data, to the production of comprehensive site specific Asset Management reports. We believe in being fully transparent with our Clients by ensuring they’re involved with every aspect of the work we do on their behalf. We will liaise closely with you to develop a comprehensive Asset Management plan that meets your requirements.

This plan outlines the following;

Any Asset Management plan must be fully supported by sound Asset Management policies which we will produce on your behalf for your approval. All of our Asset Management activities are conducted in strict accordance with your new policies. EDS will work closely with you to ensure the smooth integration and implementation of your Asset Management policies.

As with all of our services, we aim to combine the use of cutting edge technology with time-tested methods. As such we are fully conversant with all industry recognised condition assessment techniques such as Dissolved Gas Analysis, Partial Discharge Monitoring and Trip Coil Profiling. We have recently had an exciting addition to our portfolio of condition assessment techniques through the use of UAVs, equipped with the latest thermal imaging and high resolution cameras, to perform aerial substation surveys.


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